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Friday, 9-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KLTex 2005 - Chapter 12 - Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

Welcome (Side View)
On Move
West Wing
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After going out, I made my own journey. Other delegates still in Aquaria. I make my own Journey to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). This is a big convention centre in Malaysia. It has its popularity because sharing the same acronym with Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Honestly, the design is not to hot, comparing to Putrajaya Convention Centre, but it has its own hotel on Left Wing. This hotel will be open soon.

Based on my own survey in KLCC, I could see, this centre will be glamorous some day. The exterior design is simple, by using brown marble. Sorry to tell, I didn’t find the KLCC main entrance. Maybe it close. While waiting outside, I can see PIKOM PC Fair worker put the exhibition equipment outside the Main Hall. But, I have a problem in there. I want to piss, but no toilets are open. What a silly management. Even I come to the main counter, they told me to find out myself. It’s too rude for me.

How to get there

Map To Kuala Lumpur

Map To Kuala Lumpur City Centre Precinct

Map To The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

For more information kindly visit

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Thursday, 8-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KLTex 2005 - Chapter 11 - Aquaria Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

This Way
Big TV on Entrance
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We pack our belonging after Subuh prayer. This is the last day; we stay at Kolej Tun Dr Ismail, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Without taking any meals, walking straight to bus, with our luggage. This morning breakfast is a packet of chocolate cake. Anyway, the chairperson promises we took a breakfast when arrive at KLCC.

Sadly, we didn’t find any restaurant open on 8.30 a.m., located nearby KLCC. Anyway, they said, Aquaria will open up their premise on 9.00. So, we’re waiting outside Aquaria, but we got false information. It will open on 10.00 pm. Argkh… must wait another hour.

On 10.00 a.m., a lot of people coming to this site. Some with school uniform, the others with family and friends. We got a special price, RM 8 per person. How lucky! Entering Aquaria is such a beautiful dream. With calm light and projector everywhere, the environment look crowded. Plus, we must take an action to see the creature. For your information, no one can shot with flash. Maybe to make the fish calm down and not afraid to visitors. Without flash, we fail to capture a good shot.

I can see a big arowarna, with platinum skin; Galapagos turtle, big fish from amazing, and also shark. Actually, they put shark in big aquarium, like the others aqua park in the world. I take only two and half hour to explore aquaria.

How to get there

For more information, kindly visit

Aquaria KLCC

Wednesday, 7-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KLTex 2005 - Chapter 10 - Cyber 5 Eid Fitr Celebration

The Front Stage and Hamper
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This is the first time in my life, celebrating the hari raya, for UTM college club, at other university. It’s great. Before leaving UTM yesterday, the chairperson has remembering to bought a clothes that suitable for celebrate hari raya. But, anyone didn’t bring that, except girl. Anyway, the event goes as schedule.

Our treat this night is mee soto, jelly, nasi impit, hari raya cookies, with syrup. I feel something when we all celebrating hari raya in UPM. I feel everyone in that college see us with half eyes open. My friends said “Lantak pi la diorang nak pandang ke hapa, diorang ada mata” or in English translation “Forget about them, they also have an eyes”.

The event starts with a speech from me as Assisting Fellow, and Mr. Chairperson. After recital for doa’, we start our main agenda, eating! After that, we move out our next agenda, lucky draw. Sadly, I didn’t have any luck this night. After that, photography session take apart. I have bought a tripod, to capture this great moment, with night function. But with high ISO (I think 400), the movements make the picture blur. Anyway, thanks Bro Jeff who teaches me, from his website, how to take night picture.

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KLTex 2005 - Chapter 9 - Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

Water Repository Basin
The Decor
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We're going to this museum after take lunch at Pusat Islam. With full stomach, we walk slowly to the venue. This museum funded by Al-Bukhary Foundation with endorsement from Ministry of Cultural and Heritage, Malaysia. The design, pergkhh!!! Great! I like the iwan' decor in this museum.

As an Islamic Art Museum, surely, the decor inside and outside is marvellous. We cant take any picture at level 2 and 3. Maybe, for security reason. The exhibition space of the Islamic Arts Museum differs from most museums as the galleries are housed in a vast open area. The elimination of spatial division permits uninterrupted movement from one exhibition space to the next, inspiring a sense of continuity embodied in the Islamic spirit. The IAMM has two floors of permanent galleries, and two special galleries for temporary exhibitions.

The permanent galleries are categorised by artefact material or field of study. Located on level 3 of the IAMM are some exceptions, the India Gallery, China Gallery and Malay World Gallery. These three galleries serve as representations of the diversity of Islamic peoples and the multi-cultural heritage of Malaysia. Also located on level 3 are the Architecture Gallery, the Qurans & Manuscripts Gallery and the Ottoman Room - a reconstructed interior of an Ottoman Syrian room dated 1820 - 1821 AD, sponsored by the Standard Chartered bank.

On level 4, the Ceramics & Glass Gallery, Metalwork Gallery, Woodwork Gallery, Arms & Armour Gallery, Jewellery Gallery, and Textiles Gallery; exhibits collections displayed thematically, according to chronology, region or technique of production.

How to get there

For more information kindly visit

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

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KLTex 2005 - Chapter 8 - Down To Lowest Peak

Walking in Hot Atmosphere
Police Museum
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After finishing my visit to Orchid Garden, and waiting the others (they go to Bird Park), we walk along the street to go to National Mosque to praying. The tourist attraction from Bird Park to National Mosque state below :

1. KL Bird Park
2. KL Orchid Garden
3. Tun Abdul Razak Memorial
4. Planetarium Negara
5. Police Museum
6. Islamic Art Museum Malaysia (Rehal Entrance)
7. Pusat Islam
8. National Mosque

We didn't have much time to visit all, because our next agenda is visitiing Islamic Art Museum Malaysia. Walk along the street, with no awning, make our brain going to explode. maybe, someday, the Management, must resthink to make street reliable for walking tourist.

Pray at National Mosque, then find a restaurant to fulfill our stomach. So, we make a decision to go to Pusat Islam to get meals at the nerest restaurant. And, syukur, it is not expensive.

How to get there

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