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Tuesday, 29-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KLTex 2005 - Chapter 2 - Multimedia Development Corporation

See The Architecture
I Like it
Inner Garden
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We arrived at MDC on 9 a.m., but no one there. Gosh! Such a waste! MDC workers start their work on 10 a.m. Ahh… must wait the MDC representative for one and half hour. I found an interesting place to take a shot. A pond! It’s great!!! With several small fountain, and human-made waterfall, this pond seems cool. An addition fact, there’re lot of Japanese Kap fish in there. Forgot to tell, in Cyberjaya, the building architecture is based on Malacca Palace on medieval age. All roofs have ‘tunjuk langit’ structure.

While waiting, we make sightseeing in MDC building. I found an interesting booth for Multi Purpose Card (MPC) [Malaysian My Kad (], checking system. Consist into four major application - personal data, JPJ licence, health attribute, and summoned checker.

The speech start on 10.30 a.m., and this two hour session have been conducted in non-formal method. We can interact with the moderator like our own lecturer. I pick one question that make the hall hot. Question about MSC now and future. The goal for 1st phase is achieved, except Telehealth. This flagship slow down because the gap between Malaysian IT and non-IT workers is high. And also the Malaysian knowledge level on Telehealth is low.

For future phase (2nd phase) of MSC is on their track. They're several Cyber-City Status will be award in this phase. They're Penang, Malacca, and Shah Alam. Also, the presenter highlight the next corridor will be located in East Coast of Malaysia Peninsula (Kuantan, Pahang), South (Kulai, Johor), and East Malaysia (Kuching, Sarawak).

The picture of this event have a problem to deliver it. Hope everybody can wait till the day of submission.

How to get there

For more information, kindly visit

Multimedia Super Corridor and Multimedia Development Corporation

Monday, 28-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KLTex 2005 - Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Lots of Bag
Another Part Of Bag
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All the participants get ready at Dataran Sri Resak, Kolej Tun Dr Ismail, to hear last explanations and info regarding the trip to KL. Lots of bag with cherish face. Maybe they’re too excited. UTM bus arrived at 10.15 pm, I think it’s too early, but it’s on schedule sheet. I’m just College Fellow Assistant, not the organizer. Ummm… so let see it, and give a remarks when something goes wrong.

Stop at Machap to taking our dinner plus pissing. Buy two burgers, chicken and meat, but its expensive (RM 2). After 45 minutes, the driver calls to continue the trip. On 3 a.m. we arrived at KL borders, and the drivers said we’re unable to reach Putrajaya, for security reason. We’re agreeing with them, maybe bus lag. We change our schedule to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Mosque.

After sleeping, bathing, secret job, and praying, we take our breakfast with Gardenia bread and mineral water. Sadly, it’s not enough. The bus leave us in one place (I forgot the name), and take the second breakfast on 7.15 a.m. Next agenda, we will visit Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) at Cyberjaya, the hearts of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).

How to get there

For more information kindly visit

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Pusat Islam UKM
Gardenia Bakeries

Sunday, 27-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dear Friends,

I have a vacation to KL from 25 to 30 November 2005. Due the vacation, i cant upload my pic. So i hope you shall wait till December. See you, bye.


Nor Azhar Ahmad a.k.a ubie79

Tuesday, 22-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Macro Series Part 2 - Chapter 2 - Turbojet Engine

The Subject
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Continue from last night submission. I'm confuse to differ between to type of aircraft engine, but i think its turbojet. Uhum maybe Cikgu Brahym can help me.... Ummmmm, my submission looking weird. Maybe using compact digital camera, with low pixels. I hope, someday, i will get DSLR...

Turbojet Introduction
At the rear of the inlet, the air enters the compressor. The compressor acts like many rows of airfoils, with each row producing a small jump in pressure. A compressor is like an electric fan. We have to supply energy to turn the compressor. At the exit of the compressor, the air is at a much higher pressure than free stream. In the burner a small amount of fuel is combined with the air and ignited. (In a typical jet engine, 100 pounds of air/sec is combined with only 2 pounds of fuel/sec. Most of the hot exhaust has come from the surrounding air.) Leaving the burner, the hot exhaust is passed through the turbine. The turbine works like a windmill. Instead of needing energy to turn the blades to make the air flow, the turbine extracts energy from a flow of gas by making the blades spin in the flow. In a jet engine we use the energy extracted by the turbine to turn the compressor by linking the compressor and the turbine by the central shaft. The turbine takes some energy out of the hot exhaust, but there is enough energy left over to provide thrust to the jet engine by increasing the velocity through the nozzle. Because the exit velocity is greater than the free stream velocity, thrust is created as described by the thrust equation. For a jet engine, the exit mass flow is nearly equal to the free stream mass flow, since very little fuel is added to the stream.

More info, kindly visit,

Monday, 21-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Macro Series Part 2 - Chapter 1 - Turbofan Engine

The Subject
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Got a time to take a macro picture over here. All metal. Its good for me as beginner how to measure the light. I didn't like to enhnce the picture into something extravaganza. I want to to share the pic not the tech nology.

Turbofan Introduction
A turbofan engine is the most modern variation of the basic gas turbine engine. As with other gas turbines, there is a core engine, whose parts and operation are discussed on a separate page. In the turbofan engine, the core engine is surrounded by a fan in the front and an additional turbine at the rear. The fan and fan turbine are composed of many blades, like the core compressor and core turbine, and are connected to an additional shaft. All of this additional turbomachinery is colored green on the schematic. As with the core compressor and turbine, some of the fan blades turn with the shaft and some blades remain stationary. The fan shaft passes through the core shaft for mechanical reasons. This type of arrangement is called a two spool engine (one "spool" for the fan, one "spool" for the core.) Some advanced engines have additional spools for even higher efficiency.

For info, kindly visit,

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