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Friday, 3-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMDC Series - Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2006 - Part 3e

Argkhhh Its Huge!!!
Bunga Manggar Person
The Butt
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Part 3e - Anything, Anywhere on Kite Festival

Second last submission for my kite series. This series is just my 'takut-takut' picture taking. Don't know why, but i'm happy trying something new. Anyway, I want to shoot Sultan Iskandar pic, Johore Ruler, but feel scared.......

Calender of Kite Events

February 2006
26 GOKF fly-in, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Cambs, UK

March 2006
5 KCOS fly-in, West Sands, St. Andrews, Scotland
12 MKF fly-in, Sutton Park, Boldmere Gate, Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, West Midlands
12 GOKF fly-in, Priory Park, Bedford
19 MKF fly-in, Hatton Country World, Hatton, near Warwick, Warwickshire
19 NKG fly-in, New Brighton Dips, Wirral, Merseyside - VENUE CHANGED
19 KCOS fly-in, Carmiurs Park, opposite Falkirk Golf Club, Stirling Road, Camelon, Falkirk, Scotland
26 STACK UK 'Better flying' coaching day, Midlands area - location to be confirmed
26 GOKF fly-in, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Cambs
31 - 2/4 BKSA Kitesurfing Championships, Round 1, Watergate Bay, Cornwall

April 2006
2 MKF fly-in, Sutton Park, Boldmere Gate, Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, West Midlands
2 Wellington Country Park Kite Day, Basingstoke, Hampshire
2 KCOS fly-in, the large field to the rear of the Magnum Centre, Irvine, Scotland
8 & 9 23rd Rimini Kite Festival, Rimini, Italy
8 - 17 20th International Berck sur mer Kite Festival, Berck sur Mer, Normandy, France
9 12th Calke Abbey Kite Day, Calke Abbey, Ticknall, near Melbourne, Derbyshire
9 9th Streatham Common Kite Day, Streatham Common, London SW16
16 NKG fly-in, Pontefract Racecourse, Pontefract, West Yorkshire
16 GOKF fly-in, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Cambs
16 KCOS fly-in, West Sands, St. Andrews, Scotland
19 - 23 Plein Vent Kite Festival 2006, Houlgate, near Caen, Normandy, France
22 - 1/5 Cervia International Kite Festival, Cervia, Italy
23 Campsall Park kite day, Campsall Park, near Doncaster
24 - 28 Qingdao International kite festival, Qingdao, China
29 - 4th Guiyang International Kite Festival, Guiyang, China
30 (&1st) Weymouth International Beach Kite Festival, Weymouth Beach, Dorset
30 (&1st) 9th Beverley Kite Festival, The Racecourse, Beverley, near York, East Yorkshire
30 KCOS fly-in, Carmiurs Park, opposite Falkirk Golf Club, Stirling Road, Camelon, Falkirk, Scotland

And more info at



Bro Jeff > Hahahahahahhaha. Berpinau!!!

farhanz > Bertiup ke manalah tu.....

intanmaria > Intan sorang je sedar perubahan tag tu. TQ

Edoras > Thanks

Rina Khan
> Dtg jgn tak dtg

mark > Yessss

Love reminds you that nothing else matters.

Thursday, 2-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMDC Series - Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2006 - Part 3d

Races Interaction
From China
From Japan
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Part 3d - My Beloved Country

Based on info from Pasir Gudang Kite Festival, every year, at least 25 country will participate this event. Anyway, i haved learn something about photography. PLAN YOUR SHOOTING BEFORE GOES OUT!.

Kite History
p/s This article to show my respectible to Bro Ambig, who remebering me about the usage of kite.

The exact origin of kiting is unknown to world, but it is believed that kites were flown in China two thousand years ago. Some people believe that a Chinese farmer had tied his hat to a string in order to prevent it from blowing away by strong wind, which was probably the first kite ever flown. Some 200 B.C. when the Chinese General Han Hsin of the Han Dynasty used kite in order to measure the distance that his army has to dig a tunnel so as to reach the city he wanted to attack, and there are written accounts of kite flying by Han. It was one great way to pass the defenses and enter the city, sure enough it was a great formula for victory at that time.

Every country has its own style and purpose of flying kite, in India kiting is a part of a great social festival. People everywhere fly kites from the terrace of their houses; thousands of kites can be seen flying in sky at a time. In India, kiting was famous right from the Mogul period. In Japan, kites were flown to keep evil spirits away and where believed that they bring good luck in production of grain. Kiting is also believed to be one of the hobbies which made many people in Japan go crazy and forget about their work, and so Edo government tried to discourage them from flying kites. Kiting was also used in history for the purpose of theft, one thief used to steal golden statues from a castle.

Kite had played a big role in the Korean revolt in the regime of Silla Dynasty around one thousand and eight hundred years ago. The General of the Army Gim Yu-sin was ordered to attack and diminish the rebels. The troops saw a large shooting star falling from the sky and believed that, if they march to attack rebels the time they were asked to, they will surely lose the battle, and they refused to attack. General of the Army Gim, used a kite, which had a fire ball in it and he flew over the troops, it was believed that if you look at the start which is returning to the heavens, luck will be with you. The troops marched and even defeated the rebels.

Intra Races

Sultan's Bodyguard

Mut > Thanks Mut !!!

KNizam > Ada satu gambar lagi mix culture, tapi shacking

ax > Hahahahhaha... Dah lama tak dengor cerita dugong ek!!!

Bro Jeff > Hahahahhaha... Memang ramai lagi. Cuba bro tgk kat fp FMJC

Dr Phalinn > Festival nih berjaya, tapi oeg yg organize gathering agak terkilan (rasa nak nangis nihhhhh)

nasset > Mmg pesta pun. Ekekekekekek

Steve Troy > Actually not, its hot over there......

suhaimi > Bila ckp camtu, rasa cam sekolah tadika lak.... Ekekekekekek

~ j.e.j.a.k.a ~ > Tgk tajuk tu, kan pasal my beloved country. So everyone want to show they're country uniqueness...

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FMDC Series - Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2006 - Part 3c

He's Coming
Who Is He?
School Pupils
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Part 3c - Candid Camera on Site

Uhum, actually i feel terrible when shoot candid. I'm big person, and people always look me something big. What a world. Ummm lot of people on that day, but i didn't know which one I should shoot. I didn't have any feel to take similar picture. Maybe, i can deal with documentation and architecture. Anyway, at least i have try my best!!!

Who's That Old Man?

Sleeping Beauty

jeq789 > Datang jangan tak datang

Jeff®i @ FM0666 > Boleyla bro....

ciklan > Thanks for that info. Ummm nak kena cari nihhhhh

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Tuesday, 28-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMDC Series - Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2006 - Part 3b

Pull Off
Try To Resemble
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Part 3b - Human Kite Interaction

When everyone shot our Johore State Sultan, i walk along with intanmaria, and didiz, to take a shot on site. Many people are resting, and some kiters still try to flies their kite. The weather is hot, and no water around us. Gosh, i can get a fever.....

A Story Behind Picture
Pull Off and Try To Resemble
Those guy try to pull the big shiny bear (see my last night submission). Its hard to say, wetther its heavy or not. From my eyes, they must have a good strength, because they must fight the hard wind. Anyway, i look after them, till the bear completely down to earth


Ummm.... same as above, but this pic I like most, with colourful kite. I think it is not heavy like kite before. Only one person pull it.

Bigfoot Kite
Have you heard bigfoot in Johoe forest? This school group from Kota Tinggi take the advantage from that issues to create a good looking bigfoot kite. It can fly, and the kite has won The Best National School Kite On Land and In Air.

Try To Pull
My first impression - This is not a kite. Seem like tubin. I saked him, how much the cost? Woila nearly RM 25000. The 'kite' is special made. It can spinning like gasing, and the effort to make sure, the kite going well is marvellous.

Playin Around

This Filipino, try to make stunt kite, but the skill is great. He try to make the kite as a toy, and make children laughing. Great performance. The kite is well manipulated, come and go from the audience. Such a great moment in Kite Festival.

Crocodile Kiters. This man participate in Rokkaku (Japan Traditional Kite) for his company. You can see, it is easy, but it is hard. This kiters fell down two times, when manipulate the kite.

Try To Resemble

Bigfoot Kite

yanicd > ekekekekek. Tak amik ke gambo bigfoot ni?

intanmaria > Yuppp, itu sudah semestinya!!!!

afiq > Hahahahha. Lain kali org ajak pegi la.

kimi > Pergkhhhh.... lama gila tak pegi

MamaFaMi > Heheheheheheh

r a s s o > Tak sempat nak ambik

Jeff®i @ FM0666 > Ok, saya akan kupas benda nih. Thanks bro

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Monday, 27-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMDC Series - Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2006 - Part 3a

Ready to Swim
Stunt Kite
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Hi everybody. Sorry, i'm late to submit my FMDC Gathering on Pasir Gudang Kite Festival. Anyway, on 18th February, i have shor hundred of pic on that event, with my FMJC friends. Lot of fun, and feel free.... Maybe we should organize another gathering to make our skill better. For the first submission of Part 3 Series, I would like to tell you the structure of Part 3 Submission.

I will make six criteria for Kite Festival on 18th February. They are

1. Part 3a - Kite on Move
2. Part 3b - Human Kite Interaction
3. Part 3c - Candid Camera on Site
4. Part 3d - My Beloved Country
5. Part 3e - Anything, Anywhere on Kite Festival
6. Part 3f - Contribution to My Beloved Friend

Part 3a - Kite on Move
This entry is about how the kite on air and land. This entry does not include human movement. Only the kite will be shown. No details on kite, but they are a lot of type....

Dragon Head Near Board

The Sunshine Bear

Ketupat on Air

::: ReActivate.Zul ::: > W'salam sihat . Hish biasa je dari saya yang tak pandai. hahahaha, mmg I love it!!!!. Umm... beberapa kali shot on the same item. Tapi yang nih paling okeys . Yup, hari sabtu tu mmg sgt2 panas. Oho, pi tak bagitau aku ek. Apsal ko tak dtg hari sabtu. ish ish ish, kalo tak bley jumpa. Yo la tu penakut sgt Tu la sruh ikut kitaorang tanak, menyesal la tuh. kui kui kui
p/s Hahahahahah. Aku baru gila ngan Brontoks Hahahahahahaha

suhaimi > Skett je, org lain lagi banyak

intanmaria > hahahahaha. Kalo tesis cenggini, mmg dapat A++. Ummm kamera pinjam intan. Apalasgt....

tualamerah > Masih amatur lagi nih. Banyak yang perlu dipelajari....

izad_iskandar > Hahahahah. Its huge. Really really huge. Wanna buy? You have 100 000 RM. So you can buy it. Dont forget to invite me, play that kite

ouled Kenitra > Hahaha... Nyaris dia tak letak bau durian lagi.....

> Thanks...

M a z r u l @ FM0013 > Hahahaha. Dengan nada perli incik mazrul tanya saya ye....

yanicd > no 3 yang mana yani? Yang besar ke, yang kecik?

fadzliali > Satu hari nanti adala kesempatan. Tempah tempat awal2 ke Festival Layang-layang 2007 k.

Jeff®i @ FM0666
> Hahahahah, bro jeff mmg slalu buat lawak la...... p/s Emperor Palpatine cenggane hari nih...

ezdy > Sunshine bear nampaknya jadi pemenang entry nihhh

Love is smiling on the inside and out.

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